Our Story

In 1972, Ray and Virginia Masters were sent out as missionaries to reach the people of Argentina. With their 4 children including Sam, who was then only 11, they moved to Córdoba, Argentina. Sam grew up in Argentina and faithfully served alongside his parents for many years. He eventually came back to the United States to attend Baptist Bible Fellowship in Springfield, Missouri. It was there that he met his wife, Carita, from Oak Grove, Missouri.

Shortly after getting married, Sam and Carita moved to Miami to serve at the International Bible Baptist Church, ministering to both the english- and spanish-speaking communities. In 1992, after nearly eight years of service in Miami, they were sent to Argentina under the sponsorship of the Baptist Bible Fellowship, the same group with which Sam’s parents served. They have lived in Córdoba, Argentina ever since.


Current Projects


Centro Crecer

In 1997, Sam led a team that began Centro Crecer church in downtown Córdoba. God has blessed the church and five additional works have been planted.


Seminario Bíblico William Carey

One of the biggest missional challenges in Latin America is the lack of quality theological training available to the spanish-speaking world. Recognizing this, Sam started Seminario Bíblico William Carey in 2006, making quality conservative theological training accessible to every qualified Latin American student, leader and pastor.


The Crecer Foundation

The Crecer Foundation is a missions resource provider that supports the work of the local church in South America and selected locations around the world. What motivates and drives Crecer to fund and develop projects around the world? In a word, “Missions.” We provide resources so that churches can more effectively transform communities.


Carey Students exists to connect donors to students of Seminario Bíblico William Carey. Donors provide invaluable education to faithful leaders in the Spanish-speaking world, training up the next generation of Latin American leaders.


Latest Updates

Three Ordinations and a Commissioning

In November our church ordained three men to the gospel ministry and commissioned our first foreign missionaries. The new pastors are all men who have been faithful in ministry for a number of years. Roberto Romero is the pastor in Malvinas. Fabian Abregú leads the work in La Rinconada. And Manuel Carbonell is working in…

Great Biblical Counseling Conference

We just finished our annual theological conference with Seminario Carey. This year’s main speaker was David Barceló from Barcelona, Spain. The subject matter of the conference was Biblical counseling. David’s teaching had a great impact. Argentina is one of the countries of the world with the greatest influence of psychoanalysis. Sadly, this has infiltrated many…

The Pleasure of Prayer

Join us in Prayer Prayer is often against our own nature. So here is frustrating experience. This frustration has very little to do with the prayer itself and lot to do with a question: If prayer is so frustrating why keep trying? A couple of answers spring to mind. One reason we may keep trying…

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